Hey, I’m Alicia. Welcome to my internet home 🙂

This is a simple personal blog where I document things I’m doing each week.

Here’s my story if you care to read on!

When I was younger (pre-college) I already knew that I didn’t want to go the corporate 9-5 route, but I had no idea what my options were. I dreaded the thought of having to wake up and go to an office every day at 8:30 am until 6 pm. I hoped for an easy way out and that I would find a treasure chest full of money buried somewhere in my backyard (still haven’t found it yet) or win the online lottery. I always got sucked into sweepstakes stuff online, like this:

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not people actually fell for stuff like that…

12-year-old Alicia did.

A few years later it was time for college, I went to Howard University (whoop – go bison) and loved it. I’m thankful for my college experience because that’s where I got introduced to entrepreneurship and the concept of “lifestyle design” a term coined by Tim Ferris, which is creating a life around the things you love.

The first few weeks on campus I saw a flyer for a business plan competition sponsored by 50 Cent (yes the rapper) that caught my attention. I felt compelled to apply, and I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but that experience ignited my passion for entrepreneurship.

That’s also where I met my first business partner who introduced me to other online entrepreneurship “gurus”.

I was deep into that stuff, and throughout college, I competed in several business plan competitions that gave me the opportunity to travel, meet cool people like Mark Cuban and win money!

At the end of my first semester of college, I decided to do what most college kids do, and get an internship. I interned at Essence Magazine; it sucked, and the people were mean. I vowed never to get an internship again.

After skipping a summer of interning, my mom urged me to reconsider and give it another shot. I was reluctant but decided to meet her in the middle.

To appease her, I applied to ONE internship, and if I got it, I would take it, and if not …oh well. That was my way of compromising. It was the only place I could see myself working and possibly enjoying. Google. I applied the night before and barely put any effort into my application, because honestly, I didn’t think I had a chance.

A few weeks later I was shocked when they reached out to schedule an interview with me. After a few rounds of interviewing, I got the job! It was one of the best summers of my life. I got paid well, met awesome people, and saw the inner workings of one of the top companies in the world.

After the internship was over, I hoped to get a full-time offer. I heard back a few months later and was devastated to find out that I didn’t get the offer.

I was bummed for a while but realized it was for the best. I didn’t like the position, but I liked the people and the perks, but it wasn’t what I really wanted to do.

I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I wanted freedom and the ability to decide my work hours and work from anywhere.

After graduation, I built an app that allowed college students to barter skills and services and tried to launch a startup that went nowhere.

It never took off, I was living in my parent’s house, and after a few months, my mom didn’t kick me out but told me it was time to get a job.

I took a cold calling job at Yelp. I did that for a year and a half, and I was ok at it, somehow I managed to book over $200,000 for the company, but it was hard as hell, and I was miserable.

I started looking for a way out, and I stumbled across my buddy Daniel’s blog Rich20Something.com. He wrote about business stuff. I tried some of his tactics, and it worked!

I booked my first $1000 freelance client by following his advice and learned the fundamentals of making money online. Mind you, I tried to start several businesses in the past, from a magazine/photography business (where I made my first dollar) to an app for Natural Hair (I was really into apps for some reason) and nothing worked until I met him! I was amazed and became an avid reader/follower of his stuff for a while; we became friends and almost two years into our friendship an opportunity arose, he was hiring!

The position was perfect. I moved to LA, and learned a TON about social media, marketing, and online business.

a few fun facts about me: 

1) I’ve won over $20,000 in business plan competitions

2) I pitched my startup idea Shark Tank Style to Mark Cuban

3) I Rang the NYSE Euronext Closing Bell

4) I interned at Google

5) I created an iPhone iOS application and gave a talk about it here

6) I’ve made over $200,000 cold calling for Yelp

7) I love zee ladies and came out to my family in December 2014?.

8) I contribute regularly to awesome sites such as Entrepreneur & Huffington Post (and I’ve even had a few articles go viral)

9) I skydived in Interlaken, Switzerland

10) I’m a 1st generation American and I regularly travel to Jamaica to visit family (my grandma is the cutest)

11) I’ve couch-surfed in Italy, and enjoyed an authentic dinner with an Italian family

12) I have two tattoos, considering getting 2-3 more ( Zoe Kravitz is my “tat-spiratation”)

13) After auditioning I got a call back from the TV show Shark Tank – but didn’t make it to the final round 🙁

14) I’m a copywriter and I freelance on the side.