Exclusive: How I Made $2000 With One Call (Actual Recording)

Getting money is hard. That’s why 50 Cent made a song bragging about it…


Stanky rich tho???

Anyways, asking for pay in exchange for your product or service can be damn near nerve wracking for most people because,

You’re unsure of what to say…


You question whether your business is good enough for someone to pay.

That’s why most people don’t go into business for themselves — getting customers and clients is hard. Thing is, the only way to get over that fear is by DOING. If you want to have your own business then you MUST master the art of asking people for money.  

I repeat…you MUST master the art of asking people for money.

It’s crucial to keep in mind is that you’re not just “asking” for money, but you’re offering VALUE, and in exchange you expect payment for that value. Which is to be expected.

Here’s a bit of backstory before we dive into the call:

To develop sales skills I took a cold calling job. As training and development we were required to listen to recorded sales calls to help prep us for the real thing. It was an extremely helpful way to learn because I got ideas for what to say on client calls and I got a sense of how a sales pitch should go.

You’re about to listen to me pitch a business owner why he should advertise with us.

Here’s how it works:

More expensive package = More ads = More exposure for his business = More customers =  Happy business owner 🙂

If he chooses a package on the call = comission for me

If he chooses a higher package = More comission for me = Very happy Alicia 🙂

But here’s the challenging part of pitching that product, each package required a contract for the business owner — if for some reason they wanted to cancel it would cost a couple hundred $$$.


It was my job to convince them that advertising with us was a good choice for their business, (good thing is I actually really believed in the product ) and get them to sign up.

This call is EPICALLY valuable because you’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid over talking by giving concise and informative answers to your prospects questions.
  • Set the RIGHT expectations – you never want to withhold information for fear that they may say no. That will lead to refunds, and a bad reputation. You’ll see how I set the right expectations without it sidetracking the conversation
  • Ask for the sale multiple times without sounding pushy (I asked at LEAST 3 times on this call)
  • Negotiate and develop a win-win situation for both you and your client
  • Give value by showing them ROI potential
  • Keep your prospect on the phone and not give up after their first objection


There are so many useful nuggets for you to take away and implement in your business. So grab a pen and paper,



or whatever, and get prepared to take some surrrrrious notes.