Just because you don’t have something new to show, that doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress.

We hear so much about the importance of hustling every day to achieve our dreams, and it is, but what’s often overlooked is the less “glamorous” side of hustling.

I put that in quotations as if hustling is even glamorous at all, but we’ve romanticized it, everyone wants to say that they’re hustling, doing this and doing that, but we forget to highlight the importance of doing the mundane everyday tasks.

We’re expected to have something “new” to show, and if we don’t then we must not be hustling hard enough. When in actuality real entrepreneurship is doing the same things every day while expanding and leveling up on them.

Those everyday tasks are the foundation, and they are the ones that pay off. In other words, be consistent. Being consistent means that you’ll be prepared when opportunities present themselves.

A big struggle most entrepreneurs have is knowing whether they’re investing their time in the right place.

If I do X every day will it actually pay off?

Our fear is running in the completely wrong direction, but because of that fear we don’t stay in one direction long enough to see if it could work.

We want to move on to others things that give us and the world the illusion that we’re making progress, but here’s the truth, each time you jump to something new, you set yourself back. Nothing will work if you don’t spend the time to see it through.

Keep doing the little things; it’s tempting to want to skip a day, or completely ditch a method of doing something if you don’t see immediate results, but give it time. Show up every day (and showing up can mean something different depending on what you do) because if you show up more than others, that’s when life-changing opportunities arise.

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