My New Year’s Resolutions (2017) + a Hack To Remember Yours

I LOVE the New Year because of the mental benchmark, motivation, and urgency it creates.This year I want to commit to my hobbies because I tend to deprioritize them in pursuit of business and financial goals when they’re really important to me.

I’m a few days late with this, but here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Make X amount of dollars (personal financial goal)
  • Write 50 blog posts
  • Read 50 books
  • Learn to play five songs on the Guitar
  • Regain Fluency in French (end goal is to have a 20-minute conversation with a native during the first six months of the year)
  • Become Conversationally Fluent in German (goal is to have a 20-minute conversation with a native during the last six months of the year)
  • Be able to do a handstand

I learned a nifty hack last year that I stole from my friend, and it helped me remember my goals. I downloaded the Gmail addon called Boomerang that allows you to schedule emails to send later and schedule reminder emails.

I sent a reminder email to myself that listed my goals that appeared at the top of my inbox every two weeks. This year I’m prob going to increase the reminders to every 3-4 days.

Doing that alone made a HUGE difference.

I think the main reason why people don’t achieve their new year’s resolutions is because they forget about them!

I took a screenshot of the email reminder I have in place for the New Year:

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