Notes From Supreme Influence Event

Just a brain dump from a powerful all-day event I attended on March 18th 2017.

It’s not meant to be well organized, follow what you can! <3


The greatest obstacle to discovery is the illusion of knowledge

Questions direct your focus.

The sun doesn’t shine on some and not others.

You do not describe what you see, you see what you describe,

Ask a poor question, get a poor answer.

People that asked great questions…

Einstein (he was always contemplating on how to solve complex problems)
Google founders¬†Asked how can we organize the world’s information.

Examples of empowering questions:
Who can I align with to help me achieve XYZ?
How can I tune into my talent so that I can bring light, prosperity, etc. into the world?

Random notes:
Reprogram negative thoughts, especially ones that are “hand me downs.”

Take presuppositions out of questions.

Be clear on intention without attachment to outcome.

Only speak into existence things that are in alignment with your vision.

We live in a universe of infinite possibility.

People don’t respond to reality, they respond to their map of reality…so when you don’t understand someone instead of responding out of frustration or judgement, respond with curiosity…Ask questions like:
How so?
Tell me more
So you can understand the map of their world.

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