Pomodoro Pain

I have a habit of incessantly deleting files on my desktop before they accumulate and become disorderly…I probably shouldn’t do that anymore because I accidentally deleted an audio recording of an interview I did for a client, and now I have to pull from memory to complete the project :/ no bueno.

I’m not seeing that many funnel jobs this week…need to close a new client sooooon.

Currently reading: Black Like Me

Weekly Agreements:

Read the Membership Economy
Complete 1st draft of landing page + funnel copy for freelance client
Complete research for Locksmith client


It’s Tuesday night, haven’t completed any of my agreements yet.

Update, I completed the landing page & funnel copy + research for locksmith client.

Random tangent about the week (I call it “Pomodoro Pain”):

To give you context, Pomodoro’s are short sprints of “deep work” typically in 20-25 minute increments, with 5-minute breaks once they end.

It’s a method to get work done that requires a lot of focus. I had to do quite a few Pomodoro’s this week because I had funnels to write that required serious focus.

I was fighting MAJOR resistance this week and internal mental chatter.

I was kicking and screaming inside like a baby when I had to sit down and write the funnels.

I just. didn’t. want to.

I was trying to figure out the root of why I didn’t feel like doing the work:

  • Because I was overcoming a cold (so I wasn’t well in my body)
  • Rich20 is ramping up – and that’s my real passion and focus, so the funnels were taking me away from that.
  • I got presented with a cool side project opportunity which I’m super excited about, so the funnels were taking me away from that as well.


I just didn’t feel like writing them….

But I did.

I pushed through the resistance and exercised some SERIOUS discipline. It was hard, but now I think back to the past two weeks, and I’m impressed with myself…

I pushed through a seriously uncomfortable situation and forced myself to get the work done.

It was character building.

Sometimes I get worried that I’m going to overwhelm myself, but pushing through that tough time made me realize that I can handle anything.

Right now, I need to keep my side hustles going because I want to save more and also be able to have fun experiences while building up Rich20Something.

Cheers to discipline and self-mastery!

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